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Felipe Trombetta
The food was sooo good, 5 stars to it. But extremely overpriced in my opinion: 175kr for a soup only. As you can also read from other reviews, you pretty much go in, sit, eat, and they basically send you out. We stayed there no longer than 15 minutes and had to eat a pizza later somewhere else because we were still hungry. It was a fun experience, I must say, but with that turnover of people and price, I guess you're only part of their cash-in concept, and nothing more than that.
Amanda Frost
The food is great! A rustic gourmet meal for very affordable prices. You feel taken care of and you feel like your home. I strongly recommend this place if you're going out for dinner in Aarhus. They don't have menu cards so the chef explains for you what the kitchen is cooking. And it was great to go eat at a place where they do things differently
Ryan Malmberg
You have to know what you are getting into ... you will not get a menu, you will be told what food will be served, and you can choose to stay and eat or leave. Shortly after we sat, the chef interrupted the room to announce that shawarma was being served; my wife and I decided to give it a shot. The food was excellent; one of the absolute best dishes I have tasted. If you are a lover of food and want a fantastic meal, I highly recommend Madrepublikken! You just need to know what you are getting into. Four stars because I am an incredibly picky eater, so this type of restaurant would never work for me, but works well for my wife and most people that I know; however, the bits of food that I tasted were unbelievably good.
Kris AA
Menu changes every 3 hours? Seems to be more like they choose for you. Person arrives 5 min after myself and gets something very different... Very strange. Service lacks tact.
Florian Loitsch
Vegetarian sandwich was great.
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